Re: Railworks X32 on Ebay


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Wow. $52 for an excellent brass model of a PRR X32? Keep yer
eyes open, it's a buyers market on Ebay...
The best deals are when the buyer isn't sure of what they have or the item being sold isn't in the expected catagory. Old brass fits in this catagory.

A lot of bidders hide in the weeds until just before the auction ends and then make a bid.

There are 2 kinds of offerings - those who want to get rid of the items and those who think they have collectable treasures. Some of the later relist items after the auction expires with no bidders. There are some freight car models (Like Tichy & F&C) where virtually the entire line is listed.

Many of the RR "craft" freight car kits are the chaff - like the Ambroid ACF covered hopper and and the combination reefer/poultry car.

Ed Mines

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