Re: Shapeways

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

For my part, I will say that pretty much everyone I know - myself included
- has been satisfied with their purchases from Shapeways, ranging from
trucks to complete cars. I've had a TT scale covered hopper and a pulpwood
rack from them, and my only complaint was the surface finish - a bit
grainy; that was, however, before they introduced the Frosted Ultra Detail
material which is smoother and stronger than their previous materials. The
covered hopper is fairly solid, but the rack is quite spiderweb-like and
one would expect quite fragile, but it's proven to be surprisingly strong.

The new Frosted material is considerably better in finish, and the
strength is satisfactory too. If one is careful with one's models (and
little more so than with any other model), I don't see there being any
issue that could arise.

Just thought I'd put a different opinion on the subject out there for
others to consider.

Frank Valoczy
New Westminster, BC

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