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You might be interested in also seeing this photo from the Library of
Congress which shows one of the GATC type 17 insulated cars at Tulsa,
Oklahoma in the 1930s era large DIAMOND scheme. It appears to be
painted in a lighter color with the lettering in black?

Looks as if the car is in asphalt or cut-back service from the stains
running down the tank sides, note the extra "board" insert between the
end running board and the bolster along the side running board. Sure
would make an interesting model!

Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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Thanks, I never knew that the Large DIAMOND scheme existed?

Eric Thur

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Well Eric, you missed a paint scheme in the middle between the 1920s "Diamond
Products" and the, I think, late 1930s large "D-X Gasoline" scheme. It featured a large
"Diamond" lettering and you can have a look at it in this SL-SF 1285 accident photo
taken on October 10, 1935 at Monett, Missouri, from the Frisco Library.

To try and answer your question about the date when they started repainting the
fleet into the "D-X Gasoline" scheme, from what I've looked at in the Library Of
Congress photos collection taken during the early years of WWII, it appears that the
large "Diamond" scheme was still around on some cars during the early 1940s. So
my best guess is sometime in the late 1930s as the start of the "D-X Gasoline"
scheme? The "Diamond Products" scheme, with the red diamond back round that
Walthers has done on the 8k AC&F, former proto tank car, probable was gone by the
mid-1930s. And judging from the number of cars repainted in that photo, I think I'm
about right?

Trying to help you, Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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