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The C&O had similar cars built around 1905-1910 era.  That flared side-sill extension to catch the slope joint is unique to one builder.  I sent all "my" 1916 ICC VAL  pix BACK to be scanned.  For some reason I want to say ACF but they were buying from ACF, Pullman, Standard and Pressed Steel all at the same time.

Al Kresse

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Mike Hauk asked:
"I was wondering if anyone can identify the types of hoppers in thse

SNY Marsh Hill yard
SNY Marsh Hill yard 2
SNY Hopper

I can't tell if they are a USRA type, or related to another
manufacturer such as Pressed Steel."

Do not fall into the common trap of "all 7-side post hoppers are the same." These are definitely NOT USRA twins or copies.  The easist spotting features are the karge pressed steel end sills and the lack of channel end posts.  Note that these cars have three end posts.

These are pre-WWI cars built to what Bob Karig calls the "Early Common Design".  These are typically 7-side post hoppers, 30 ft IL, top chord 10 ft above the rails, and were acquired by many coal roads including B&O and NYC.  This prototype is a glaring hole in model availabilty in all scales.  (I'd pull additional details, but I'm turning in for the night.  Hopefully Bob or someone else can fill in the details tonight.)

Ben Hom

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