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Ken, according to the records with the photo it was taken in October of 1942
by John Vachon from the U.S. Farm Security Administration Office. So that would
explain the large "D-X Gasoline" scheme also being present on other cars. It's my
best guess that the large "D-X Gasoline" paint scheme did first appear in the late
1930s......too many cars have it by the early 1940s for it not to be?
Here is another very interesting photo from the LOC of an AC&F type 11 car,
that has had insulation applied to it after it was built, also in the large "Diamond"
paint scheme at the West Tulsa refinery of Mid-Continent in October 1942.

All kinds of goodies at the LOC if you go looking for them,

Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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Is the car behind the one on which you focused painted in the D-X scheme - in the 1930's?

Ken Montero

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You might be interested in also seeing this photo from the Library of
Congress which shows one of the GATC type 17 insulated cars at Tulsa,
Oklahoma in the 1930s era large DIAMOND scheme. It appears to be
painted in a lighter color with the lettering in black?

Looks as if the car is in asphalt or cut-back service from the stains
running down the tank sides, note the extra "board" insert between the
end running board and the bolster along the side running board. Sure
would make an interesting model!

Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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