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william darnaby

Beware of Sunshine's instructions as they would apply to an M55H. Martin
provides parts and instructions for a Duryea UF as it would be applied to an
M53 which was obsolete by the time the M55's came least that's
the way my Sunshine M55 kits came. I don't know about the separate Duryea
kit. The Duryea under the M55's and their contemporaries lacked the
longitudinal angles that ran across the 4 cross bearers. Plans for the
modern Duryea appear in the 46 and 50 Car Builders Cycs, IIRC.

Bill Darnaby

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Sunshine sells these and was wondering if that has five frames?

The B&O M55H is coming along and just hope to make it right!

Sincerely, Mark Morgan


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