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Thanks, Brian... just goes to show just how vulnerable many of our hobby businesses actually are.

Bill Daniels
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Good luck. You might be able to find some of ted's stuff on eBay and maybe shows but he seems to be generally out of business which is a shame.

Brian Carlson
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I've been away for a while and it seems there have been some changes... I can't seem to find Ted Cullota's Speedwitch site... I would like to pick up some more decals as well as some of his kits. it seems that his websites are down. What happened?

Bill Daniels,
San Francisco, CA.

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Bill is correct.

According to the B&O diagrams the type of Duryea underframe changed
during the production of the M-55B by Pullman-Standard. These 100 cars
differed from the previous productions with the Duryea underframe
updated to accept the AAR Z-26 center sill. They were termed "Type-1
single spring and AAR Z-26 center sill". The next orders for new 40-ft
box cars with IH of 10'-0" the class M-55c and M-55H built in 1945 and
1947 respectively had the same type of Duryea underframe. The last 40-ft
box cars with an IH of 10'-0" built for the B&O with Duryea underframes,
the class M-56, had "Duryea underframes with double springs and AAR Z-26
41.2# center sill".

The class M-58 and M-59 automobile box cars were built just after WWII
beginning in 1945 also had the updated Type-1 single spring Duryea
underframe with the AAR Z-26 center sill.

The next group of B&O box cars built in 1951, the class M-60 and class
M-61, which were 50-ft with an IH of 10'-6", had the later "Duryea
underframes with double springs and AAR Z-26 41.2# center sill".

I am not sure there are obvious external differences that can be modeled
between the "Type-1 single spring" and the later "double spring"
versions as the the springs are located inside the center sill.

The O. C. Duryea company filed and received many new patents for all
these changes and variations.

Some may notice that the built years and the class numbers are out of
order. The B&OHS does not have any memos explaining why.

Beginning with the M-55 and ending with the M-61 the build order is as

M-55 1940
M-55A 1941
M-57 1941
M-55B 1942
M-55C 1945
M-58 1945
M-59 1946-47
M-55H 1947
M-60 1951
M-61 1951
M-56 1952

All have Duryea underframes

These were the classes assigned when built new and all other sub-classes
were due to railroad made modifications usually for auto parts service.


Bob Witt

Bill Darnaby wrote:

Beware of Sunshine's instructions as they would apply to an M55H.
provides parts and instructions for a Duryea UF as it would be applied
to an
M53 which was obsolete by the time the M55's came least
the way my Sunshine M55 kits came. I don't know about the separate
kit. The Duryea under the M55's and their contemporaries lacked the
longitudinal angles that ran across the 4 cross bearers. Plans for
modern Duryea appear in the 46 and 50 Car Builders Cycs, IIRC.

Bill Darnaby

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Sunshine sells these and was wondering if that has five frames?

The B&O M55H is coming along and just hope to make it right!

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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