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Jim Mischke

Several thoughts, Bill.

You mean B&O C-16 wagontop express cars converted from M-53 boxcars.

Technically, these were not REA cars.

Just 25 cars (1875-1899) of the 125 total C-16 express cars (1875-1999) lasted
long enough for blue paint.  Blue paint introduced in early 1947, the 25 cars
were converted back to their M-53 identities in 1959.

There is only one known photo of a car in the blue scheme.  There is a general
diagram which has been xeroxed way too many times. only partly legible.    A
1949 B&O passenger equipment paint listing shows only five cars so painted, this
is what we know for sure.  That is all the source material.  Since  ExactRail
and Fox Valley used these in their HO program and their product  turned out
great, these might be sufficient for you.

"Baltimore and Ohio" is five inch high B&O Extended Roman lettering.  Font would
match B&O passenger letterboard lettering, spacing might be different to miss
all those ribs.

B&O imitation gold is a dusky dark spicey mustard color, not gold leaf or
bright Big Bird yellow.  It looks bright yellow in published photos because (1)
colors in Morning Sun books are cooked for sales sizzle, like National
Geographic, thus misleading, and (2)imitation gold lettering was stencilled on
black, dark blue, or dark green equipment, and looks brighter than it really is
due to visual contrast.

B&O C-16 wagontop express cars were scarce.  They did not last long as a 125 car
fleet (roughly 1941-1948), and the remaining 25 were outnumbered by 100 C-17
troop sleeper conversions, 100 C-15 50' baggage cars, and dozens of B-8a baggage

Contact me off list.  We can arrange something.

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I am looking for any information possible to make a new decal set for the
B&O M52 in the blue REA scheme. It is a pretty simple car in terms of
lettering. I would prefer real B&O drawings if possible.

Please reply directly. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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