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In the Midwest --

you have lost Michigan State U Prof Eugene Huddleston (whose collections are "slowly" going to the C&O Historical Society for scanning and originals are then going to the Bentley Library U of Michigan Transportation Library in Ann Arbor)


you have, from train show vendor table conversations a few years ago, the collection s of Bob Lorenz  that are in a "limbo" situation where Bob has changed his interests from developing and printing from negatives towards oil painting.

Al Kresse

Romeo, Michigan

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Over the past several years, we have lost a number of photographers and/or collectors of photos and negatives.  Does anyone know what has become of the collections of the following:

1. John Hummeston [I'm not sure of the spelling, but I understand he had a signficiant number of photos and negatives.]

2. Robert Malinoski from the Pittsburgh area.  I'm not sure about the spelling there either, but he also took many photos and slides.

3. Bill Raia purchased many photo and negative collections from others and was a great source of prototypical information.  What has happened to his collection?



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