Re: X-3 tank car fleet

Steve and Barb Hile

The drawings in the CBC are not to the same scale as MM, for sure. UTLX was
pretty consistent with the 6500 and 10000 gallon tanks, over the years. The
10K gallon tanks were, in general, always 87 inches in inside diameter,
while the 6500 gallon tanks were 76 inches inside diameter. The drawings
display the difference in truck center spacing that corresponds to different
tank lengths. It is my observation that the 8000 gallon tanks were the
variables. When longer underframes were being built, the thinner and longer
tanks were used to create an 8000 gallon car. When shorter underframes were
being built, the 8000 gallon tanks were larger in diameter and shorter in
length. In total, there were fewer 8000 gallon tanks than the other sizes.

Something else to note: The car in the 1922 CBC was the earlier frame
design where the end sills arch out, reflecting the tank ends. (The
Canadian car also shown in the 22 CBC is, in general, also the X-3 design.)
The car shown in the MM plans reflects the evolved underframe design where
the end sills are straight across and the overall frame is slightly longer,
yielding the "porch" effect.

Hope this helps.


Steve Hile


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I took a look at the X-3 drawing published in Mainline Modeler and compared
it to the one published in the 1922 CBC. The first was labeled 10k and the
second 6.5k. Something that was immediately apparent was the tank diameter
in both drawings appears to be identical (along w/ many other features).
Given that, I'm fairly sure the MM drawing is incorrect. It's probably an
8k "skinny", not the 10k as labeled.

Dave Nelson

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The X-3 underframe was designed in various lengths to accommodate different
tank lengths. The lengths were associated with varying liquid volumes. There
were four major sizes of UTLX-design uninsulated tank cars. The 37'5" frame
X-3s carried an 8'7" diameter 10,000 gallon or a 6'4" diameter 8,000 gallon
("skinny 8") tank. The 32'2" frame X-3 carried and 8,000 gallon tank ("squat
8") with 8'7" diameter or a 6'4" 6,500 gallon tank. The squat or short 8,000
gallon tank was a shortened large diameter 10,000 gallon tank. The 6,500
gallon tank was a shortened small diameter 8,000 gallon tank.

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