Re: What Type of car ends are on this Cotton Belt Boxcar?


I have found a few patents that are similar to the ends in the photo.
Remember that the ends actually manufactured often did not follow any
patents to avoid licensing fees and royalties.

My candidates for the ends are these patent numbers: 001208915,
001271234, 001237397, and 001208916.

If you want to see many of the patents for freight cars ends, at the web site enter this in the field "CCL/105/510" in the advanced
search mode.

"105" is the classification for "railroad rolling stock" and "410" is
classification for "ends".
Search results:
Searching US Patent Collection...

Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
CCL/105/410: 442 patents.


Bob Witt

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Greetings Bob!

The steel vertical corrugated ends installed on the W&LE
single-sheathed box cars were two stamped sections with a vertical seam
in the center. There is a rendering of this end in the 1922 CBCyc, Fig.
626, installed on W&LE box car 27024.

In the same 1922 CBCyc, a double-sheathed, door-and-a-half automobile
car also sports the full steel vertical corrugated ends. Pere Marquette
85300 is used as Fig. 2610 with a 5-22 NEW date.

I believe I've seen another example similar to the two panel end on
the Cotton Belt box car, but I can't recall where at the moment.


Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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Gary and Al,

In the first two decades of the 2oth century, there were laterally
hundreds of patents filed and issued for steel ends for box cars. I
would be less certain that this one may be a "Vulcan", but rather
variation of a two-piece steel end with vertical corrugations rather
than horizontal ones. I recall that the "Vulcan" end and its
were one-piece.

I will look at my notebook on patents to see if I can find one that
close to this one.


Bob Witt

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