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Bill Welch

I agree about the NMRA collection although mysteriously, the online photos seem to be shrinking in number. When I first discovered this resource about a year ago, most of the Bob Charles Collection was viewable. Now only a few RR reporting marks are viewable. I have alerted Brent at the Library but I just looked and still only a few of the some 400+ plus photos can be seen from this collection. I hope this will get fixed.

Bill Welch

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To the list of Archives, I add the NMRA library which is scanning their
materials and making them available on line ( )and the
Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum in Temple, Texas, which host the Santa
Fe Society Archives along with a very substantial collection from other
lives. It is the premium site in Texas with full time archivist and easy to
work with research staff.


J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer


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For those disposing of their car photo collections, perhaps it is wise to
consider either donating to a friend or donating to a railroad archive
during one's lifetime or making it mandatory in one's last will and
testament. There are a number of archives: for an example of western roads,
consider the California State Railroad Museum, who have a full time
department and head archivist. For the Midwest there are a number of
archives with controlled temperature and humidity. Some private electric car
photo collections have passed on through the auspices of CERA and are
appearing in their's and other's publications. At the IRM's Pullman Library,
we are in the final stages of obtaining about 400 Pullman glass plate
negatives, mostly passenger car interiors. Additional scanned and copied
material is available, including builder's prints of the freight car
correspondence from the new storage facility containing P-S freight lot
files 8000 through the 9000's and lastly end of production 1000's. In the
photo collection, a donation of rail car photographs and negatives is always
welcome that they may be available to our succeeding generations. There will
always be collectors, but not necessarily availability of prints or scans
for future collectors. We will exchange high resolution digital scans and
ink jet prints in exchange for donated originals, that at present will
retain the photographic copyright and will allow us to assure they can be
copied without restriction. We do honor the copyright held on Osgood Bradley
negatives held at the Worcester Historical Society even though we too hold
O. B. Builder's Prints and will not print copies unless notified that they
cannot supply them, likewise for the Smithsonian Pullman negative
Sincerely, Ted Anderson, IRM Pullman Library curator

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Which is precisely why I have pleaded with Mike Gruber and Jay Williams to
contact Mr. Lorenz and to explore the possibility of renting his negatives.
I have done this for three years or more now and everytime I see them they
kind of shuffle and apologize but still no action, hence my urging a few
weeks ago to people on this list to make a similar request to Messrs. Gruber
and Williams. Maybe if they understand there is some demand they will
contact him. Anyone follow through yet?

Bill Welch

you have, from train show vendor table conversations a few years ago,
the collection s of Bob Lorenz that are in a "limbo" situation where Bob
has changed his interests from developing and printing from negatives
towards oil painting.

Al Kresse

Romeo, Michigan

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Over the past several years, we have lost a number of photographers
and/or collectors of photos and negatives. Â Does anyone know what has
become of the collections of the following:

1. John Hummeston [I'm not sure of the spelling, but I understand he had
a signficiant number of photos and negatives.]

2. Robert Malinoski from the Pittsburgh area. Â I'm not sure about the
spelling there either, but he also took many photos and slides.

3. Bill Raia purchased many photo and negative collections from others
and was a great source of prototypical information. Â What has happened to
his collection?



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