Re: Photo of PT on SP flat

John Barry

Yes they do and I've had one since 1965 or so, predating my interest in trains circa 68. Modeling this combo would be an excellent reuse of a poorly detailed heritage model (the PT) and a great fit with my current rail marine interests.

The Tichy 40' flat might be a starting point for a dice & splice conversion but I'd like a straight kit build if it is available.

John Barry

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I don't know about the flat but Revell made a 1/96th scale of the Higgins PT. I am not sure if they are still in production but they can be found.

Bill Welch

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An interesting wartime load.  Photo was taken at the Higgens shipyard in Louisianna circa 1942 of PT201 on flat car SP 79571.  See the photo on my blog at:!/2012/09/wartime-flat-car-loads-update_14.html
Does anyoe make a model of this 53 foot flat?

John Barry

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