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John Barry

Unfortunately the needs of the surviving family to cover medical expenses or the wants of non-preservation minded heirs to make a fast buck often trump the desires of the departed photographer/collector. The only way to be 100% certain that your wishes will be followed is to do it while you are alive with a sound mind. Too many squabbling siblings have "disappeared" valuable items from mom or dad's estate while they were in custodial care with dementia or before the will could be implemented after they passed. It is not common, but sometimes happens. Greed has a nasty habit of bringing out the worst in some folks in whom you least expect it.

John Barry

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Thanks for your reply. I only asked because I would hate to see such a valuable collection as Bill's parted out to a variety of individuals who would probably hord their stash. I had not intention of pestering the Raia family and frankly have no resources to come close to covering the cost of such an enormous collection.


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Over the past several years, we have lost a number of photographers and/or collectors of photos and negatives. Does anyone know what has become of the collections of the following:

1. John Hummeston [I'm not sure of the spelling, but I understand he had a signficiant number of photos and negatives.]

2. Robert Malinoski from the Pittsburgh area. I'm not sure about the spelling there either, but he also took many photos and slides.

3. Bill Raia purchased many photo and negative collections from others and was a great source of prototypical information. What has happened to his collection?

I'm afraid it's just a bit too soon to be troubling the Raia family with this question. I do know Bill has a son, Mike Raia; I don't know how much of a fan he is, but he is certainly aware of the value of his dad's collection.

Bill was reasonably active with the Mid-Continent Railway Museum, and on very good terms with the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society and their archivist, Larry Easton. I don't yet know how this is going to resolve, but I am sure the collections won't be lost.

Dennis Storzek


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