Re: ACF drawings

Tom Vanwormer

Gregory Roberts wrote:

Anybody check the Beringer Collection at Washington University in
St. Louis?


Ed Hawkins wrote:
Dear list

<>Does anyone know of a source for American Car and Foundry
drawings i.e.along the lines of the IRM Pullman/Haskell and Barker
collection? I am especially interested in Berwick plant production in
the 1907-12 period.
Sincerely yours,
Laurance King

It's apparent the ACF drawings from circa pre-1930 were thrown out by
the company decades ago. The same was true for bills of materials for
cars built before 1931. Chances are ACF cleaned house sometime in the
1960s or early 1970s. Luckily not everything was trashed.

A large collection of ACF drawings are kept at the Museum of
Transportation. While there are a smattering of drawings from the late
1920s, the main part of the collection is from the early 1930s through
1950s and later.

The St. Louis Mercantile Library has the ACF bills of materials for
cars built from 1931 to 1952 as well as the ACF builder's photo
collection dating back to even before ACF became a company in 1899.
Ed Hawkins

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