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And the PNRA (Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive) for Northwest roads, a joint venture of multiple railroad historical societies. The member societies generally accept and accession the donations, with some exceptions.

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For those disposing of their car photo collections, perhaps it is wise to consider either donating to a friend or donating to a railroad archive during one's lifetime or making it mandatory in one's last will and testament. There are a number of archives: for an example of western roads, consider the California State Railroad Museum, who have a full time department and head archivist. For the Midwest there are a number of archives with controlled temperature and humidity. Some private electric car photo collections have passed on through the auspices of CERA and are appearing in their's and other's publications. At the IRM's Pullman Library, we are in the final stages of obtaining about 400 Pullman glass plate negatives, mostly passenger car interiors. Additional scanned and copied material is available, including builder's prints of the freight car correspondence from the new storage facility containing P-S freight lot files 8000 through the 9000's and lastly end of production 1000's. In the photo collection, a donation of rail car photographs and negatives is always welcome that they may be available to our succeeding generations. There will always be collectors, but not necessarily availability of prints or scans for future collectors. We will exchange high resolution digital scans and ink jet prints in exchange for donated originals, that at present will retain the photographic copyright and will allow us to assure they can be copied without restriction. We do honor the copyright held on Osgood Bradley negatives held at the Worcester Historical Society even though we too hold O. B. Builder's Prints and will not print copies unless notified that they cannot supply them, likewise for the Smithsonian Pullman negative collection.
Sincerely, Ted Anderson, IRM Pullman Library curator

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