New Intermountain 42' flats - CofGa

Lee Gautreaux

I see that Intermountain has just released a 42' fishbelly side sill flat decorated for CofGa:

I have found that the CofGa 11101-11140 series flats were actually rebuilt from their 17001-17200 series gons.

However, Intermountain offers the cars numbered for some numbers above 11140. I list 30 cars above those in two series that appeared at some point during the 1950's as follows:

11141-11155 50'-0" 50 ton
11156-11170 42'-6" 70 ton

I guess the numbering was just an oversight. Does anyone have info on the two above series of flats?

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

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