Scott Pitzer C&O Rebuild

Pieter Roos

Hello group;

I was glancing through some older magazines yesterday, and chanced on the article by Scott Pitzer describing his build of C&O 289829, a 10 ft IH car with diagonal panel roof, post war Youngstown doors, and Hutchins ends. Since a commonly available car in S features 10 ft IH and the diagonal panel roof, this seems like an excellent conversion to make based on that model.

A couple of questions: the article says the cars were converted from Pere Marquette auto cars in number series 89359-90349 "in the early 1950s". Does someone have a more exact date?

Also, the illustrations show a prototype car in black paint with white "for Progress" lettering, and the model is freight car brown with white "for Progress" which the author states is 1960's lettering. What would the paint scheme have been when first rebuilt?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Pieter Roos

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