Re: Appropriate Western Pacific Caboose For Late 1940s?


Thom must be in the backyard putting shrimp on the barby. Until he shows up, I'll move this along a bit farther. Here's a model that would do perfectly:

It was built in 1944. It would have been a super typical caboose for 1947.

Should you not want to pay the significant bucks and/or wait 'til one shows up, there's this:

It's sorta pretty much kinda close to the WP series 605-616 and 617-628. Please note that these cars weren't painted in this attractive scheme in 1947. If ever. You'll want to strip the paint off and paint it up pretty much like the OMI one noted above. I don't have a picture of these cars in WP, so that's pretty speculative.

All this is my opinion. It might turn out to be ever so slightly. Wrong.


Edward Sutorik

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