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John Barry


You are most likely correct regarding an in-plant move. Notice the lack of propellors on the shafts and incomplete deck houses. It would still make an impressive model, even if not used in service.

What are documented loads transported to the east and west coasts, sometimes in large blocks of cars, are LCVP and LCM landing craft. The SP Trainline issue on WWII has a photo of a string of flats loaded with LCVPs in an SP train over Donner Pass.

Trident makes HO scale resin replicas of both craft. Very pricey for a unit train but at least available accurately scaled.

John Barry
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Folks, John,

Very cool photo. But before you go running off to model this PT boat, you might want to do a little more investigating. For example, the PT-201, being a Higgins 78' class, had a beam of slightly over 20'. A close examination of the photo of PT-210 confirms that it extends substantially over the sides of the car. Such a load would be extremely difficult to transport any distance and therefore is most likely being readied for or from a local move (in plant, or perhaps from plant to water for launch). It seems unlikely to me that this PT boat traveled any distance at all by rail.

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An interesting wartime load. Photo was taken at the Higgens shipyard in Louisianna circa 1942 of PT201 on flat car SP 79571. See the photo on my blog at:!/2012/09/wartime-flat-car-loads-update_14.html

Does anyoe make a model of this 53 foot flat?

John Barry

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