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S. Busch

Dear Clark,

Don't be too quick to build the PM car using a 1937 AAR double door car! Art Million and John Patton's "Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars" shows the 90350 through 91849 cars having 3 panel 'recessed' Dreadnaught ends. The cars had Youngstown side doors with a 12 ft. door opening and no end doors. They had a peaked Hutchins roof, with a wood running board and a staff brake wheel. The cars were built in 1930 by Pullman, and except for the interior height (10' 0''), the rivet pattern of the side sheathing, the center sill construction (two 12" channel members with a cover plate) and the wheel base (31' 3") seem to me more reminiscent of a late version 1923 ARA design car. After take over by the C&O, and starting in 1952, a number of these cars were converted back to a single, 6' side door opening and, according to the C&O freight car diagram book, Tri-Lok running boards were installed.

Hope that helps --


Steve Busch
Duncan, SC

Thanks for the replies!
I received a photo of a PM car before it was merged into the C&O who added a 2 before the PM number. The car looks alot like the M&StL auto boxes. 40' DD, AAR 37 like with square corners, straight reinforced side sill, and 8 rung ladders. the doors are different and it's hard to tell if it has a Viking roof. The car looks modelable if I could get a bit more in on these PM cars.

Thanks again,
Clark propst

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