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Victor RANCE <vrance@...>

G'day all.
Haven't seen a response to this so here's my .02 worth. At Ted Cullota's
Steam Era Freight cars site there are a number of my photographs of the
Duryea underframe as used on Santa Fe Bx-27 class box cars
( ). These were
taken at Severy, KS in July 2001 and one shows the trainline crossing under
the centre sill. This is on an underframe with 'see thru' fabricated cross
members rather than the solid pressed steel variety used on some other
Duryea equipped cars.
Don't know how closely this resembles the B&M cars but hope it helps.
Victor Rance
Adelaide, South Australia

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Date: Friday, 30 August 2002 01:26
Subject: [STMFC] B&O M-59 Underframe Question

I am starting on a Sunshine B&O M-59 kit. Does anyone have any idea
how the trainline is arranged with a Duryea underframe? I assume it
goes under the center sill but where does it cross from one side to
the other?

Scott Seders

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