Re: T&P bunkerlerless refrigerator car

Charles Hladik

I have forwarded your request, but to the best of my knowledge (not
much) they were probably painted Swamp Holly Yellow, not Chrome (school bus
Chuck Hladik
Rutland Railroad
Virginia Division

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I have a drawing of a T&P bunkerless refrigerator car presumably from a
book of T&P equipment drawings. I came across the drawing in 1999 while
researching what I could discover about the CGW at the Union Pacific Museumwhich
at the time was located at the old Union Station building in Omaha.

The cars I refer to had the numbers 3000 and 3001. The two cars were
rebuilt from freightcars 41429 and 41438, both of which were double or
single-sheathed cars. I have heard that the cars were painted CHROME yellow and had
a full-color T&P emblem of black/red/white on the right side. Is it correct
that the two cars actually were painted in chrome yellow? If they were,
were the cars completely chrome yellow or did they have a roof and sides of
another color?

If anyone out there has accurate information, I appreciate whatever help
you can lend.


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