Re: T&P bunkerlerless refrigerator car

Jim Ogden

These were rebuilt from earlier Marshall-built steel cars in the 41200 series and at the time of getting plug doors, they would have been painted Swamp Holly Orange with black ends and underbody. The diagonal panel roof could have been galvanized metal or possibly black (asphaultum). I'm sure there were photos taken upon rebuilding in Marshall, Texas but we have not found them.

Jim Ogden

Fort Worth, Texas

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The cars I refer to had the numbers 3000 and 3001. The two cars were rebuilt from freightcars 41429 and 41438, both of which were double or single-sheathed cars. I have heard that the cars were painted CHROME yellow and had a full-color T&P emblem of black/red/white on the right side. Is it correct that the two cars actually were painted in chrome yellow? If they were, were the cars completely chrome yellow or did they have a roof and sides of another color?

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