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The Rutland Railroad had a large number of hopper bottom gons.In 1923 they
stopped sending their steel hoppers to the mines and opted to receive
company coal in foreign cars.The foreign cars were then unloaded in
Alburgh,Vt and the loads were transfered to hopper bottom gons for eventual
shipment to other company facilities.This practice was used to cut down on
per diem charges.The condition of these cars was such that they were
resricted to "on line service only".AP

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Since box cars were in short supply throughout most of the steam era
I assume most empties would be gondolas. Am I correct?

It seems to me that gons can't be universally loaded, i.e. some are
too short for the loads, some don't have tie downs, some have flanges
inside the car (these are frequently noted as "not for mill
service"). Am I correct that most loaded gons came from the railroad
originating the shipment?

I think a variety of cars looks much more realistic on a model
railroad than a string of the same cars, especially if they're
lettered for different railroads (recalls strings of Athearn hoppers,
each with a different road name).

Would it be realistic to have a 52 ft. Erie gon with a pipe load,
then a 52 ft. Pennsy gon with the same load and finally a 52 ft. B&O
gon with the same load or is this wishful thinking on my part in an
effort to display 3 different looking cars?

I can't recall seeing foreign road drop bottom gons in non coal
service in steam era photos in the anthracite region. Am I correct?
If not what would be some suitable loadings?

Sereral of the anthracite region railroads - Erie, Lackawanna, D&H,
RDG ....each had a few stock cars. Would these be held in storage
until they were used or would they be used far away from home? Anyone
have a consist of a stock train on the Erie, 1940 to 1950?

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