Jerry Glow is woorking hard

Bob McCarthy

Good evening!

      Have watched all this back and forth on Jerry Glow.

       We have visited with him near his home. 

        He always delivers excellent decals.

       Unless it has occurred he has a brother who is dying of cancer and I am sure it weighs heavily on his mind as I sure it would on any reader of this note.

       Am sorry that individuals are more worried about their minor issues over more important concerns in life.

       He and I spoke yesterday .  He is working as fast as possible and will have our decals ready shortly.


Bob McCarthy


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Jerry, I agree with you 100%. I don't know Jerry personally, but have developed a good repoir with him. Whenever I have ordered something from him and there was an issue, he would email me. I have many projects coming up and will be ordering sets from him again. I am in no hurry for delivery as I have too many projects that need attention before paint and lettering.
Jerry gets my vote as one of the best!
Rich Christie

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Might get me moderated, but this is getting out of hand! Give him a
chance! There are life events other than freight car decals! Jerry is one of
the most upstanding fellows I know (and I've known him for over 25 years).
If he has something going on in his life that takes him away from this small
business, try to cut him some slack. Your freight cars (and your decal
storage boxes) will still be there next week.

Jerry Michels

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