Re: Pinging Jerry Glow, again

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Allen, it is quite possible that he is responding to your notes, but his messages are being bounced by your mail server. I have a friend who routinely tells me he is not getting my mailnotes, yet he is the only one out of dozens and dozens that I send to who seems to have this problem. Spam filter settings? Just a thought.

- - Mark Rossiter

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I have been sending un answered emails for over a month asking only for the
status. None have been answered.

I thought it was just me but am now hearing from others off list who are
experiencing the same problem.

We just need to know that the decals will be coming and I do not understand
why that is so difficult.

I have a fairly hefty investment in the Southern flatcar kits produced by
Chad Boas which I bought based on getting the decals from Jerry but now
wonder if I am going to be stuck with the kits and no decals.

I do not want to bash him, I just want the decals that I paid for and need
for these kits and ignoring my requests for status is frustrating at best.

Allen Cain

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