Re: Pinging Jerry Glow, again

Monk Alan <Alan.Monk@...>


I've had a bunch of decals on order since Feb - my order included some yellow UP ones and his supplier had problems with printing yellow at the time, and Jerry was waiting to fill a 'yellow' sheet, so they were delayed, but he let me know what was happening.

And I know Jerry's had some personal life stuff happen quite recently, so am happy to cut him plenty of slack as (based on my previous orders with him), I know he will deliver an excellent product. And yes, like Allen, I've bought certain cars and done work on them based mainly on the availability of Jerry's decals to complete them, (though I could probably cobble together something approximately correct from my decals boxes if I really had to), but in the meantime, I've plenty of other projects to be getting on with. :)

At the end of the day, he is what we'd call a 'cottage industry' supplier - someone who produces something that they themselves need but are happy to make the product available to a wider market as a sideline, NOT a major business.

Is the situation any different from when I send an order to Sunshine (from the UK)?? Aside from the Post Office tracking my outbound order to the point of delivery with Sunshine, I don't know how long my kits might take to arrive beyond the theoretical '6 months' (first I know is when I get the 'pay customs charge' note from the PO) approx 7-9 months later!

Alan Monk,
London, UK

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