Re: Does anyone know what has happened to Railroad Model Craftsman ?

Douglas Harding

RMC's publication schedule is behind due to cash flow issues. It goes back
to the economic downturn, when their printer began asking for payment at
time of printing, instead of when the mag hit newsstands, as had been the
prior practice. This created the cash flow problem as ad revenues are not
collectible until the mag hits the newsstands. If the printer is not paid,
the magazine is not printed, causing delays.

Those of us who have been or are RMC authors have noticed this cash flow
problem in that we do not receive timely payments for articles published, if
we are paid at all.

What is interesting is that RMC's page count has not change dramatically,
still hovering about 100 pages with much STMFC content, whereas MR has
dropped considerably from 180 to less than 100 and gives very little
coverage to in depth modeling or STMFC.

Doug Harding

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