Rock Island 1958 Cu Ft covered hopper series 500-559 and 560-584 color help

Rob Adams

Back in July, I inquired on a few forums about the the Rock Island's early covered hoppers. Several of you offered more information about the Rock Island's roster which filled in many blanks for me. Thanks again!

But the question of color for the early cars remains open. I'm particularly interested in these series:

RI 500-559, 60 cars, built. 8-40, GATC, open sides,
RI 560-584, 25 cars, built. 6-41, GATC, closed sides?

The 1943 Car Builders Cyclopedia has a builder's photo of RI 558. It is painted a dark color with white lettering. My best guess from the photo is that the car is black, but would prefer to arrive at a more definitive conclusion. Were these cars black or freight car red when built?

Also, it appears to have wood running boards and laterals. (Can anyone confirm this or point me at a source for more detail about the running board configuration on these early Rock Island LO's?)

I intend to model one of these cars in Proto:48 and would like to locate other photos of these cars in their as-built paint. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

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