Re: GARX Leased Produce Reefers to the Monon and Nickel Plate

David Sieber


Greatly appreciate the photo showing what looks to be a GARX 1927 41ft
reefer lettered as 'Assigned to service of Nickel Plate Road' as in the
Champ HR-1 decals. However, that 1939 photo also shows later style
dimensional data, pointing out that both HR-1 and -2 have lettering as
'Ventilated Refrigerator' with only older dimensional data as if newly
built (despite the 5-42 reweigh date). Interesting decals that
fulfilled my curiosity, but unfortunately not appropriate for my
modeling era.

Many thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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On Oct 6, 2012, at 6:56 PM, ealabhan0 wrote:
To the Monon and Nickel Plate Road experts,

I recently purchased some Champ decals, including their first two
reefer decals: HR-1 'Nickel Plate Freight Refrigerator' and HR-2
'Monon Route (GARX) Freight Refrigerator.' From the decals and
lettering diagrams, the prototypes were GARX wood reefers blt 4-27,
reweighed EC 5-42 (East Chicago), and bearing road numbers
scattered from 20138 to 60017. Unfortunately, my oldest ORER is
July 1950; under General American Transportation Corporation, Wood
Car Division, GARX 10000-64999 series is listed as RS, 41ft, Number
of Cars .... (i.e., blank). For Champ to have done those decals, I
could surmise that those reefers probably existed on lease into the
'40s, but none remained in service even at the time of my '1950
display train,' much less in my 1958 modeling era.
Dave, I have nothing on the Monon but I am sending you, attached to a
separate e-mail, a scan of a photo that shows a GARX Nickel Plate
reefer in 1939. However, I think it's safe to assume that the NKP
lease expired before or during World War II and that there were no
such cars in the '50s.

Richard Hendrickson

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