Re: Rock Island 1958 Cu Ft covered hopper series 500-559 and 560-584 color help

Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 7, 2012, at 8:41 AM, Mike Brock wrote:
Clark Propst writes:

"Was in common to put wood running boards on early 1958s?"

Depends on the RR and year. The UP CH-70-1, built in 1940, had wood
boards. The UP CH-70-2, built in 1949, had metal running boards..."see
through" by US Gypsum. Both were 1958 cu ft.
Some 1958 cu. ft. covered hoppers built before 1944 had steel running
boards if the buyer specified them, but many (most?) had wood. In
1944, as wartime steel shortages abated, the AAR mandated that all
new freight cars built after that date have running boards "other
than wood," i.e. steel or aluminum, so all postwar 1958s were
required to have metal running boards.

Richard Hendrickson

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