Re: Rock Island 1958 Cu Ft covered hopper series 500-559 and 560-584 color help

Rob Adams


Thank you for the additional information about these car series. It
certainly adds to what I've been able to determine on my own. I'll
continue to dig for more, but unless information surfaces to the
contrary, I'll apply black paint once I have the running board
modifications complete on my model.

Your mention of equipment diagrams leads to another question. Do they
mention the type of power hand brakes on the cars? The photo angle and
method of reproduction in the Cyc make it difficult for me to say with
certainty what type of hand brake wheel it is on RI 558. It looks like
it may be an Ajax, but... it doesn't hurt to ask. Those details are
where more photos would be a big help.

Thanks again, I appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams

On 10/7/12 9:01 AM, Steve and Barb Hile wrote:


It has always been my belief that these cars were black, but I have
definite to show it. I seem to recollect seeing one show up in the
background of a color photo or film, but I can't find that anywhere, just

Bob's Photos does have an in service shot of 503, looking pretty
but with white lettering.

The diagram sheets for these two series does note that the running
board is
wood. I don't have a photo of the second series, but the diagram sheet
would seem to indicate that it had solid side (it is drawn differently
the first series.

Hope this is helpful.


Steve Hile

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