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When I go to my favorite ACE Hardware stores they always have a very good
selection of these screws and sell by either by the screw or box. The box
price works out to be much cheaper than the individual price. So unless it's
a case of a particular unusual one that I just know I only will ever need
the six I came on for that day I buy a box. That way I save shipping but
still then have to pay sales tax. So when shopping online if the absolute
minimum price is your thing be certain to factor all that in. And you could
even add the cost of gas to the store bought screws but I usually figure the
ability to get the product today instead of 4 - 5 days down the road cancels
the fuel cost out. But then at today's prices.........

BTW, if you live in the Milwaukee - Waukesha area the ACE stores I'm
referring to are the four Elliott's locations.

John Hagen

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Hello Mark,
Check this site out, you won't find anywhere
cheaper than this and you order one hundred for small change compared to ten
at hobby shops. I only order hardware from this site. I keep on hand 0, 00,
1-72, 2-56, 4-40, 6-32. Now that is just me as I do tons of projects and
even if I only need one of a size, it is nice to know I have it. For the
price of a handful of hardware from hobby suppliers, you could equip your
own hardware store with the prices from this manufacturer. I also keep on
hand washer and nuts for each size, plus several different sizes of each
size, such as 1/8, 1/4/, 1/2, depends on how much modeling you do. I used to
purchase just one inch and cut them, but at these prices I just stock up on
everything. I purchase both brass and SS, plus the blackend hardware for my
couplers, 2-56. Being a disabled vet on limited income, I just ordered a few
items at a time until I had my own hardware store. Now, this is just myself
and my own opinion, I am sure some one is going to take a swipe at my post.I
have no affiliation with this manufacturer at all, I just like saving buck!!

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Good Morning,

I'm looking for some advice. Typical every project I work on includes a
trip to the LHS for screws and / or fasteners of some kind, 2-56 for
etc. This is the expense way to buy and I would like to buy in bulk to
some money. So to my request.

I model in HO Scale; what types is washers and nuts, and screw types and
lengths, etc should a well-stocked modeler have?


Mark Stamm

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