Re: Recommendation for screw sizes

Joseph Melhorn

Hi Mark,

Check out MicroFastener's. Here's a link:

Then click on Machine Screws on the right side. I've purchased a lot of
screws and other miscellaneous items from them. They are an excellent
source. I usually receive my order in two or three days. Although many of
their machine screws are stainless I prefer the black oxide coated screws,
if available in the size that I need, because I can then use a magnetized
Phillips screwdriver to hold the screw during installation. They have a good
selection of brass screws, too. And metric... I'm only a satisfied customer
and have no vested interest in MicroFastener's.

Joe Melhorn
Sahuarita, AZ

I'm looking for some advice. Typical every project I work on includes a
trip to the LHS for screws and / or fasteners of some kind, 2-56 for trucks
etc. This is the expense way to buy and I would like to buy in bulk to save
some money. So to my request.

I model in HO Scale; what types is washers and nuts, and screw types and
lengths, etc should a well-stocked modeler have?

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