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Bill Welch

Photos of the L&N gons are available. There is one available from Bob's Photos and I think my MtV Builder's Photo came from the Merrilee's Collection at the Archives of Canada. Then there is a group of 3 photos shot by Howard Ameling from different angles of a car loaded w/coal. I think Mr. Ameling's photos are now available through Cleveland St. Univ. where his collection is deposited. My memory is I made these available to Chad to assist his pattern making and the necessary decals.

Bill Welch

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Yes it is. The flats are from the 22000-22249, 24300-24549, and 24550-24799.
Chad Boas

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Is your L&N gondola based on the 25800-25999 series cars built by Mt. Vernon
Car Mfg. Co. in 1928?

Steve Johnson

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Thanks, Bill
These are from your suggestion. I think there was a NKP flat car made from
these. Still looking for conformation. There were some flats listed that
were 50'9".
Also, I added photos of the NKP. Should be able to get it painted over the
Chad Boas

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Okay, on 3 let's all chant Chad--Chad--Chad--you're the man--Chad--...

One, two, ...

Bill Welch

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The next round of kits will be the wood side gons for L&N and NKP.
The L&N is a 46'9" and can be either a flat car or can be ordered with
the sides parts. The NKP is a 50'9" wood side gon. The kits will include the
Red Caboose pockets for the wood sides.
I have added a file called L&N and NKP gons and flat. The L&N car is
there and I am working on getting a picture of the NKP.
I will have these cars avalible for Naperville.
Contact me off list for more information.
Thanks, Chad Boas

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