Re: UP474500-474749 series car

Robert kirkham

very interested Richard - thanks.

The next question is about modelling in HO of course . . . Probably no easy answer there.


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On Oct 13, 2012, at 11:05 AM, Rob Kirkham wrote:
Was cruising through EBay photos this morning and noticed a wreck
photo showing a UP47xxxx series boxcar. Ebay auction: 160897731072.

It has 2/5/? Murphy end panels, but hard to tell what else. Could
it be 2/5/5/5? I'd like to know more . . . .
Rob, that car was one of 250 A-50-7 class double door auto cars
originally built in 1922 as double wood sheathed cars, then rebuilt
in 1934 by the UP's Grand Island shops as steel sheathed cars and
renumbered 474500-474749. They originally had 5-5-5 corrugated steel
ends, to which an additional two corrugations were added at the top
when rebuilt. I have photos I could scan and send you off-list if
you're interested.

Richard Hendrickson

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