Re: GN boxcar information needed on cars in the 9731 series.

gary laakso

The 9000-9999 boxcars were trussrod boxcars rebuilt with inverted Murphy metal ends and with the 8 truss rods retained with steel center sills. CB&Q used a very similar design and did the same upgrade. Both companies replaced the wood roofs with steel Murphy XLA roof.
The cars were long lasting and 7 made it to January 1, 1959. Of course, that is in revenue service, they soldiered on in MOW service. The 1923 re-build date is correct for accounting and tax purposes, though they were rebuilt cars originally built as early as 1901.

I have 3 of the Westerfield kits ready for decalling and they join the other 14 Westerfield GN trussrod cars and 5 CB&Q truss rod cars. For variety, two of the CGW 1932 ARA boxcars were completed and ready for sides and ends painting. The 3 NP 14000 series double sheathed boxcars are waiting for TruColor NP freight car red paint to arrive.

gary laakso
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From: Bob McCarthy
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 3:45 PM
Subject: [STMFC] GN boxcar information needed on cars in the 9731 series.

Good afternoon!

Jerry Glow sent me some artwork for a GN boxcar #9731 which appears to have been 7'10" IH DS which is rather low for the build date indicated.

Also, according to the artwork the car survived long enough to acquire AB brakes and received a date of 10/52 on the car body. Unfortunately, his customer did not supply information needed to determine what the actual boxcar looked like.

According to Jerry's decal artwork the car was built in 7/23. It shows truss rods. However, I am aware that there were a number of cars built between 1913 (NP) and 1924 (SR) combining both truss rods and either a fishbelly or steel channel stock underframe.

Having just completed a early 1913 NP radial roof truss rod 40' DS 8' IH boxcar, I discovered a later 1913 NP radial roof truss rod/fishbelly 40' DS 8'7" IH boxcar which I also plan to build. This creates the need to know more about the GN boxcar group. They appear to have a 7'10" IH which is low for 1923 and also truss rods. (Perhaps steel or fishbelly underframe as well).

If any one on this list has access to drawings, images, or any other information on the group of boxcars into which GN 9731 falls I would appreciate being contacted off list.

When completed I would be glad to share images of the various boxcars of the 1910-1930 period that I am building with this list.


Bob McCarthy

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