FGE/WFE/BRE at Naperville

Bill Welch

Earlier this year I succumbed to my experience of 13 years as a photojournalist when realized as I worked on the FGE/WFE/BRE book that I needed to begin to see the photos I have on the page with text, tables, maps, etc. Then I found exactly the classes I needed at St. Pete College to help me learn Adobe's InDesign and Illustrator and I was also able to purchase their Creative Suite as a student. For several weeks now I have been experimenting and applying the learning.

The long and the short of this is that I will have two Prototype chapters with me at Naperville to show interested folks and see and hear their response. These are chapters include three different groups of refrigerator cars that provide a look at my approach to covering the fleet. If you want to see what I am doing, just ask me for a look.

Among the things I would like responses/opinions on are my choice of page orientation, type size, and the number of photos (am I using too many?).

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

P.S. While on my way to Naperville, via Galesburg, IL for more research I had dinner in Murfreesboro, TN with two former photojournalist colleagues Sunday and I already have tweaks to make.

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