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Dan Sweeney Jr

Charles, thank you for your extensive research and analysis on this topic, and on the topic of switching districts. It is very valuable and appreciated.
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

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Good Evening All,

I've posted some information on freight forwarding traffic as it was practiced between 1947 and 1960 at:

The information includes some background material about freight forwarding, some examples of freight forwarding facilities, temporal changes during the 1950s, the types of freight cars used in the freight forwarding business, and a state to state distribution of forwarding traffic from 1957. The data are mostly from the 1% Carload Waybill Survey.

A number of the larger (and some of the more modest-sized) cities had freight forwarders during the transition era and this type of freight traffic could make an interesting contrast to LCL and regular freight operations.


Charles Hostetler

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