ARA/AAR Loading Rules

Gene <bierglaeser@...>

Among others, my collection includes the following loading rules booklets.
MD-1 Sept 1, 1950 Steel Products Excluding Pipe On Open Top Cars
MD-2 Feb 1, 1951 Machinery On Open Top Cars
MD-3 June 1, 1951 Forest Products On Open Top Cars
MD-4 Jun 15, 1951 Pipe On Open Top Cars
MD-5 July 1, 1951 Miscellaneous Commodities On Open Top Cars
MD-6 Mar 1, 1952 Road Grading, Road Making, and Farm Equipment Machinery On Open Top Cars
MD-7 May 15, 1955 1 Department of Defense Material On Open Top Cars

Since I model September 1950 all but the first one may be wrong for modeling purposes to some unknown extant or another. My main interest is modeling loads of tractors and, to a lesser extent, Caterpillar equipment out of Peoria so presumably the next earlier edition of MD-6 is of greatest interest.

My next earlier one Commodities on Open Top Cars dated January 1, 1936.

Was anything published in between?
Is there a master list of Loading Rules as published?
Since I can't get to any decent train, modeling or railroadiana shows my source has been eBay. Are there any better suggestions to find loading rules?

Gene Green

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