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Thanks, Guy, I think that answers my questions quite well.
I'll contact you off-list.
Gene Green

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The Open Top Loading Rules were printed annually with very few exceptions from 1934 (when they were separated from Closed Car Rules) up until 1948. The Mechanical Division controlled the Open Top Rules from 1934 forward while Closed Car Rules were controlled by the Transportation Division. The Open Top Rules were mandatory as per the Interchange Rules.

In 1948 the Open Top Loading Rules Committee followed the requests of both shippers and the carriers and divided the full manual into the pamphlets you have in your collection, the first being issued in 1950. All six were revised thru 1959 via supplements and new editions. In 1959 all were combined into a new loose leaf publication first issued in 1960.

I can help you with any of the "Cat" diagrams if you have need.


Guy Wilber
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Among others, my collection includes the following loading rules booklets.
MD-1 Sept 1, 1950 Steel Products Excluding Pipe On Open Top Cars
MD-2 Feb 1, 1951 Machinery On Open Top Cars
MD-3 June 1, 1951 Forest Products On Open Top Cars
MD-4 Jun 15, 1951 Pipe On Open Top Cars
MD-5 July 1, 1951 Miscellaneous Commodities On Open Top Cars
MD-6 Mar 1, 1952 Road Grading, Road Making, and Farm Equipment Machinery On Open Top Cars
MD-7 May 15, 1955 1 Department of Defense Material On Open Top Cars

Since I model September 1950 all but the first one may be wrong for modeling purposes to some unknown extant or another. My main interest is modeling loads of tractors and, to a lesser extent, Caterpillar equipment out of Peoria so presumably the next earlier edition of MD-6 is of greatest interest.

My next earlier one Commodities on Open Top Cars dated January 1, 1936.

Was anything published in between?
Is there a master list of Loading Rules as published?
Since I can't get to any decent train, modeling or railroadiana shows my source has been eBay. Are there any better suggestions to find loading rules?

Gene Green

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