Re: red caboose 1937 aar sq corner

Brian Carlson

Richard is correct this was a late in life NKP sidesill reinforcement to
strengthen the sides for loading by fork trucks general. Many roads did
this. However, if as far as a roster of 1937 AR cars don't forget Ed Hawkins
rosters that were in RMJ and later the Steam Era freight cars Website Ted c
ha. I believe the RMJ roster can be found on the Trainlife Website. I
downloaded the PDf from Ted's site years ago.

Railroads in the NE that had these included Erie, DL&W C&O, LV, CP, NYC,
P&LE, CN However doors, roofs, ends varied so work from photos. CN CP and
C&O had square ends. But if you subscribe to the Nelson-Gilbert theory why
limit yourself to the NE <grin>

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY

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Mark, those sills were reinforced very late in life, and the door is
not original either. I'll send you off-line an in-service photo
showing the cars as originally delivered. However, note that the NKP
cars in this series, like the Erie cars, had Viking corrugated
roofs. Still, there were a number of other RRs with 1937 spec. AAR
box cars that had square-cornered ends and Murphy rectangular panel
roofs (e.g., UP, SP, NP, Sou, C&EI, T&P), though none that I can
think of offhand in the northeast.

Richard Hendrickson

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