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A real oddity on the state-to-state forwarder flows: 4300 carloads a year from
Georgia to Washington State? It's by far the largest flow to or from either

--- Bill in Seattle
My guess would be that the major commodity in that flow would be carpet from
Dalton, GA. Anyone else have any ideas?

Jack Wyatt
I just double checked this flow and it's real, not a typo. It is consistent with the state to state table for Georgia that I published earlier (an excess of 35 tons to Washington from Georgia in 1950), second table at:

So it looks like it is not just a one year anomaly. I will look at this flow in other years when I get back home this weekend.

Glad you are enjoying the data, if anyone has preferences for the next several commodities to be examined pls drop me a note off list and I will try to accommodate.


Charles Hostetler

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