Re: Straight Cuts using a NWSL Chopper

Tim O'Connor

I modified my NWSL chopper by putting down two parallel pieces of brass with
just enough room between them for the razor blade. This harder surface combined
with the blade sinking through the slot seems to help to prevent the blade from
deflecting and/or pinching the material. Also the material itself has to be secured
(immovable) while the cut is made.

Tim O'

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There used to be some chopper type cutters that not only cut down, but
sliced through the material. I wish I had one as I am sure they would do a
much better job. Slicing is better than chopping.

I don't think that the blade is deflecting but that the thin styrene is
flexing. Think of the problem of cutting some HO 1x8s held
the blade starts to cut, the strip flexes, resulting in a bad cut.

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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