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Charles Hladik

Don't forget the "slurry" trains. Trains with a gazillion tank cars,
usually OMYA.
Chuck Hladik

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Kaolin is used to manufactur paper products; I would guess this could
have been a major part of the shipment lists.
This poses two questions from me:
1. what type of car carried this material
2. what road names were they?

Brad Andonian
What Brad said. In paper manufacturing it's used as a paper coating -
think fine paper with a smooth surface for writing. There's multiple
other uses but the other one I'd wager all of us have used at one
point or another is in Kaopectate.

I visited one of the kaolin mines/processors in the Sandersville area
of Georgia about 10 years ago - I was told that the quality of kaolin
in Georgia exists in large deposits in only a couple of place on earth
- Georgia, Brazil, and I can't remember the third place. Today it's
shipped in covered hoppers, and in boxcars packaged in super sacks
(2,000 lbs) and in paper sacks. Would the covered hoppers have
existed for that service in 1950? Or would it have been in paper
sacks of about 50 or 100 lb size?

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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