GN truss rod box car color and images are needed

Bob McCarthy

Good evening,

      Will be watching this back and forth on these cars.  Gary has been assisting us with our research on these cars which we will be producing in Scale S.

      This list is a great help with serious research.

      We will be sharing anything we find that will help with the information on this group of cars/


Bob McCarthy


From: gary laakso <>
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 6:11 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] GN truss rod box car color

The first observation is the GN did not waste money repainting these cars, so that the older paint schemes lasted a long time. The Westerfield painting guide for that series of all wood cars with the side braces extending to the corner, that they would be all boxcar red starting with re-paints in 1941 that included the side-facing goat.
My three that are being decaled at the moment are in their 1937 paint scheme with the red underbody, boxcar brown sides with black ends and roofs. I doubt that they were re-painted before scrapping.

gary laakso
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From: Mike Brock
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 5:55 PM
Subject: [STMFC] GN truss rod box car color

This message is for anyone with info but primarily is meant for Staffan Ehnbom.

I am getting conflicting information regarding the paint scheme for a GN truss rod box car, number 26178, series 26000-27249. This car is assembled from the F&C kit.

The kit's decal contains the See America First, Glacier National Park side facing goat.

The kit instructions call for a black underframe with the rest box car red. The August 1978 Prototype Modeler article by Durrenberger indicates that GN series 28000 should be entirely box car red. The GN Color Guide to Frt and Passenger Equipment by Hickox indicates [ see car X5216 caption ] that at least car 5216 was originally painted with black ends, roof, and underbody, boxcar red sides. However, the photo of 24872 on the opposite pg shows box car red ends in 1946. This car has a 1944 yr reweigh date painted over an earlier paintng. It does have the Glacier goat.

The O'Boyle article in the Oct '91 article in Mainline Modeler does not indicate color but the photo of Hopper Bottom car 8976 appears to have an end of the same color as the side. The photo caption indicates 1950.

The model car will be painted in an earlier scheme matching the goat decal. It will, however, be reweighed in 1952 with that date painted over the original paint.

Thanks for any help.

Mike Brock

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