Re: red caboose 1937 aar sq corner

Tim O'Connor

NKP rebuilt some 16000-17699 series cars into 18000 series in 1963. I guess
they would have rebuilt all of them if they weren't being bought by the N&W.

Covered in the NKP Hist Society Volume 25, Issue #1. Some cars received the
new numbers but had no change in appearance at all -- See Classic Freight Cars
Volume 1, p.20 for a 1960's shot of NKP #18211. The NKPHS article has photos of
18020, 18043, 18080, 18906.

Note these were NOT the S-corner cars, 15000-15999. Those were not rebuilt.

Tim O'Connor

Gentlemen, anyone know how 'late in life' the NKP did this sidesill reinforcement and door replacement? Was it in the mid-'50s when the NKP similarly rebuilt their remaining '32 AAR boxcars (though without such an impressive sidesill reinforcement)? Also, did these '37 cars receive diagonal panel roofs, as well as the Apex Tri-Lok running boards visible in the photo, as the NKP did with their '32 boxcars? Any help would be appreciated, since I'd like to model one of these rebuilds appropriately to fit either my 1958 or 1967 modeling eras. Many thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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