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Tim O'Connor


From such a late photo, there is no certainty about WHO or WHEN it was rebuilt -- this work
could easily have been performed by the N&W for example. Do you have any photos of any of
the 15000 series cars rebuilt during the NKP era? I'm not saying it can't be a NKP rebuild with
a replacement roof for the original Viking roof, but I have no information about that.

Tim O'

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Tim, appreciate your response; however, Mark Morgan's post that began this thread included a link to a Fallen Flags photo of NKP 15797, a square-corner '37 boxcar with a drop sill reinforcement, postwar Improved Youngstown Steel Door, and steel replacement running board. From this, the NKP did rebuild at least some of their S-corner '37 boxcars, as they had rebuilt their '32 boxcars and W-corner '37 boxcars.
Please see and a repaint photo near the bottom of the page at

In an earlier STMFC thread on NKP 15000-15999, Ray Breyer noted that NKP 15797 (and 15979) were preserved in the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson IN (photo link above). In response to Andy Harman's question on replacement roofs, Ray noted that "I can't tell if the roofs are original or replacements though; that will require a trip to the museum in the spring!" Ray, have you had a chance to get back to the museum to check out the roofs on these S-corner boxcars? Now, there's at least two of us seeking a bit more detail on these interesting NKP 15000 rebuilds.

Dave Sieber, Reno NV

--- In, Tim O'Connor wrote: NKP rebuilt some 16000-17699 series cars into 18000 series in 1963 ... Note these were NOT the S-corner cars, 15000-15999. Those were not rebuilt.
Gentlemen, anyone know how 'late in life' the NKP did this sidesill reinforcement and door replacement? Was it in the mid-'50s when the NKP similarly rebuilt their remaining '32 AAR boxcars (though without such an impressive sidesill reinforcement)? Also, did these '37 cars receive diagonal panel roofs, as well as the Apex Tri-Lok running boards visible in the photo, as the NKP did with their '32 boxcars? Any help would be appreciated, since I'd like to model one of these rebuilds appropriately to fit either my 1958 or 1967 modeling eras. Many thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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