Re: red caboose 1937 aar sq corner

David Sieber

--- In, Tim O'Connor wrote: From such a late photo, there is no certainty about WHO or WHEN it was rebuilt -- this work could easily have been performed by the N&W for example. Do you have any photos of any of the 15000 series cars rebuilt during the NKP era? I'm not saying it can't be a NKP rebuild with a replacement roof for the original Viking roof, but I have no information about that.

Tim, I really wish I did have a 15000-series rebuild photo clearly dating from the NKP era, prior to the N&W takeover. All that I've found have been of NKP 15797 in the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum: Alan Gaines' Fallen Flags photo in badly rusted NKP P&L, and the Museum's 2010 NKP repaint thereof. (The Museum's other car from this series, NKP 15979, is said to be in the N&W hamburger scheme, but I haven't seen a photo.) That's why I'm hoping that Ray Breyer or another NKP expert from the Midwest will chime in on the 15000-series rebuilds. Heck, at least he's been to the Hoosier Valley RR Museum - I only just found out about it today when I googled "railroad museum, North Judson IN"! Any knowledgeable Hoosiers out there with more detail on the NKP 15000-series rebuilds, i.e., rebuilder and date, roof, etc?
Many thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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